Permitting Process


The application process begins with the appropriate paperwork submitted for the work being done. All Owner Builders must personally appear. Registered contractors with an approved license will submit applications via the online portal.  

Review Process

Any plans, surveys, or other paperwork describing the work being done will be reviewed by the appropriate department(s) before the permit can be issued. Multiple review processes may occur if an application is determined to be deficient. For deficient plans, the applicant will be notified by email and provided with plan review comments. For approved plans, the applicant will be notified by email or phone with instructions for Permit Issuance.


During the review processes, it may be determined that additional documentation is required. Additional documents will go through another review process. Changes to plans, surveys, or contractors may be subject to additional fees.

Permit Issuance

Permit review fees will be invoiced once the permit is approved by all reviewers and all relevant conditions have been met. Once paid, the permit will be issued.


All permits require inspection before the permit process is considered complete. A $40 re-inspection fee will be assessed for any failed or unaccessible inspections.

A Notice of Commencement recorded with the Brevard County Clerk of Courts must be submitted before inspections are scheduled if the work is valued greater than $2500 ($15000 for HVAC Change Out).

Once a final inspection has passed and all other conditions have been met, the permit process is completed.