Vacation Rentals


The Vacation Rental Registration Program regulates vacation rentals as defined in Section 509.242 of the Florida Statutes (2020). Through the administration and enforcement of the Vacation Rental Registration Program, the City ensures that vacation rental operators are current with their State/local licenses and tax requirements. The City also ensures that each vacation rental property meets minimum housing and life safety standards outlined in Article V - Vacation Rental, of Chapter 10 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Indian Harbour Beach. Ordinance Number 2018-05 is the ordinance that governs the administration and enforcement of the City's Vacation Rental Registration Program. The fee schedule for the program can be found in Vacation Rental Fee Resolution Number 697.

For documents needed and any questions, please email Vacation Rental or call city hall at 321-773-3181.

Vacation Rental Fee Schedule

Non-Refundable Fees:

  • Vacation Rental Application and Registration Fee: $500
  • Annual Renewal Vacation Rental Registration Fee: $350
  • Initial and Annual Safety Inspection Fee: $85
  • No Show or Re-Inspection for Initial and/or Annual Inspection Fee: $25
  • Change of Ownership Vacation Rental Application and Registration Fee: $500
  • Modification of Existing Vacation Rental Registration: (change in number of bedrooms or parking spaces, or change in location of parking spaces): $250
  • Permanent Transfer of Responsible Party or Agent Fee: $100
  • Temporary Transfer of Responsible Party Fee, each occurrence (maximum 30 days in a 12 month period): $25
  • Late Fee for Annual Registration Renewal: $100
  • Penalty for Operating Without Registration, in Addition to Applicable Penalties Imposed by the Special Magistrate: $125